Of Particular Significance

A reminder that the transit of Venus across the Sun will be visible a little over 24 hours from now (starting before sunset June 5th in the United States.)  It’s the last of your lifetime, so make your plans now.  Weather forecast across much of the eastern U.S. is pretty bad, I’m afraid. Of course there will be many places to watch on-line.  For more information, I highly recommend http://transitofvenus.nl/wp/ .  Also, though you and I can’t see Venus right now (too close to the Sun), the SOHO satellite can: click here for the latest photo, updated frequently, which shows the sun (at center, blocked out) and the sun’s corona around it, and a white dot approaching the sun, which is Venus (ignore the white horizontal lines, which are an imagining artifact).

The transit of Venus was used, historically, to figure out how big is the solar system (the…

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